Working mom coach Sara Madera and her husband

Finding Peace

How two individuals – completely different and unrelated to each other, in different locations, industries, and taking different paths – described their decision to pivot in their careers as “feeling at peace.” They both knew it was the right direction for them because of this calmness.

Two children making funny faces at one another.

Energy Over Time

After the intense abundance of September, with work picking up and the kids’ going back to school, I’ve been thinking more about energy than about time. As in, where do I want to put my energy each day?

Working mom coach Sara Madera

Trying Something New

How to shift your perspective from overwhelmed to grateful.

Working mom coach Sara Madera outside a candy store

Keeping the Summer Fun Going All Year Long

Now that we are back in New Jersey with a few weeks before school starts, I’m reflecting on the out-of-the-ordinary summer fun routine that we adopted in Colorado – and how I might want to explore incorporating that throughout the full year.

Sara Madera, working mom coach

The Link Between Happiness And Goals

As we prepare for Summer Fridays and trade heels for sandals, are you also checking in on yourself and those goals you set back in January? If you’re changing out your wardrobe and schedule, it’s worthwhile to take 30 minutes to assess your goals at the midway point of the year.

Sara Madera weighing in on gender equity and working mom struggles

How Do We Move Working Motherhood Conversations Forward?

Are we starting to get to a world with more gender equity at home between mothers and fathers? Could we be learning from same sex couples who tend to divide up tasks more evenly and feel the division is more fair? Sadly, the evidence tells us we aren’t quite there yet.

Working mom coach Sara Madera

The Future of Acceptance

We aren’t quite at the place of a working parent experience yet. But maybe we can get closer with more equity at home, with a balance of childcare and home tasks, so there are no longer “mom” or “dad” jobs.