Energy Over Time

I’ve always been time driven. I’ve worn a watch as long as I can remember, and since I was a teenager, I’ve been in roles where I’ve managed rehearsal timing and breaks on a union schedule. I’ve measured how long it takes to eat a bowl of cornflakes, and thought it was an accomplishment when I could shave off a minute.

But, having kids changed that, slowly softening the edges. Our 7:30 bedtime is now sometimes 7:45, sometimes 8 – but oh goodness, please by 8:15.

After the intense abundance of September, with work picking up and the kids’ going back to school, I’ve been thinking more about energy than about time. As in, where do I want to put my energy each day?

I’m finding this to be a much better gauge than time, especially for planning purposes. Because I may need to spend an hour in a training, but usually that doesn’t require much energy. Some meetings require a lot of energy – some don’t.

This came up after a week of full days where I felt like I had no energy left at the end of the day for dinner and bedtime with the kids. And I knew I wanted to give my kids a better version of myself.

In the morning, when I’m evaluating my day, I consider where I want to put my energy. Client meetings, collaborations, 1 or 2 tasks, and time with my kids in the morning and the evenings. And I look at what will give me energy – coffee with a friend, a walk in the sunshine, a moment of rest – and ensure it feels balanced, and I have the focused energy I need.

Sometimes this requires me to be more specific – I want to focus my energy on these 3 clients or writing an article, or supporting my kid with their homework. And noting where I don’t want to spend my energy – a disagreement between family or friends, or plans for Christmas. But on the weekends, I’m happy for the energy plan to be general – laundry gets less energy and my family gets more.

I’m finding this focus on energy over time is helping me to feel more balanced and fulfilled each day, both at work and at home. I am better managing the ins and outs of my energy and feel more able to let go of expectations.

Give it a try. Let me know it goes!

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