Finding Peace

Recently I spoke to two clients who were both undertaking significant career shifts.

  • One was a talent development leader who decided to start her own business coaching women, and is following her passion to write a book about the knowledge passed on by generations of women in families.
  • Another was a sales professional working in various size startups who decided to use his people skills in an industry he loved – music. (yes, I work with men too!)

What was interesting was that both of these individuals – completely different and unrelated to each other, in different locations, industries, and taking different paths – described their decision to pivot as “feeling at peace.” They both knew it was the right direction for them because of this calmness, and the second person even said he could now look in the mirror and truly see himself.

There is so much said about “stretch goals” and “having a plan to achieve what scares you,” but fear is an emotion that tells us something. It says, something isn’t right here, and you need to be cautious. It makes your heartbeat fast, often because you don’t feel secure.

Of course, it can be scary to change careers, but transitions are most successful when it feels like the puzzle pieces are coming together. I love it when it feels like a light bulb being turned on, an ‘aha’ moment, with experience, interest, and lifestyle coalescing in harmony.

Finding that alignment allows for confidence in your decision and your given path can be liberating. This also often breaks apart old beliefs and ushers in excitement, passion and motivation for your career. These may feel like butterflies, akin to falling in love, but if it feels like fear or overwhelm then we haven’t found the right answer yet. We must keep going and get more specific to find the right answer for you.

Peace can coexist with drive, because there is clarity in where you are headed. You know it’s right decision for you now and into the future, so you feel comfortable investing in this identity. It’s easy – maybe even fun – to learn more about this field, talk to people in the industry, take a class.

Feeling peace, confidence, excitement, and motivation for your career brings joy, which can’t help but spill over to other aspects of your life. The time you spend with your kids, your spouse, and even the time with yourself. It doesn’t feel too big to say that it can change your life.

If you want to follow your passion, knowing this is the right direction for you, let’s talk. A free 30-minute session might bring you one step closer to peace.