Career coach Sara Madera with her family

My Transition As The Parent Of A Trans-Child

As my daughter increasingly sought to wear her brother’s clothes and began talking about wanting to change her name, we had to acknowledge that maybe there was something more going on.

What Working Moms Want Dads To Know (Father’s Day)

The dad to our kids is an amazing guy. He has those same feelings of watching a small version of himself grow and learn with love and aghast.
Yet even with all that, do you find yourself sometimes wishing for more? And maybe not just him specifically, but all men? Men at work, male friends, male leaders? What would you want them to know?

“Yes And” Approach

How to change your mindset and make opportunities fall in your lap.

Working mom coach Sara Madera with her family


Priorities. Sometimes it sounds like a dirty word. Even when you are managing them well, it can feel like you are just keeping your head above water. And when you aren’t, it can feel like a mountain of failure – both for the task at hand and everything else you are supposed to be handling.