Career coach Sara Madera shares the importance of defining company values.

January is Not for Goal Setting

As the new year starts and we slowly move toward equilibrium with better choices and movement, why not use January to rest, relax, and recover? We deserve it after a long year of coming out of the pandemic, possibly working from the office, and re-starting family holiday traditions, especially if you are a mom who creates the magic. The year is long and there is no rule that says goals or resolutions need to be set or start on day one.

Forbes article featuring New York City area based career coach Sara Madera

Customizable Caregiving: The Innovative 2023 Workplace Trend

With data acknowledging problems companies experience when women leave the workplace, more companies have started prioritizing their needs. As a result, they are finding ways to provide every working parent (especially mothers) with the support they need.

Working mom coach Sara Madera sharing how moms make the holiday magic

Moms Make the Holiday Magic

As a kid, the season seems so magical! The decorations go up overnight, presents appear, and, if you are lucky, you might even wake up to a fun-filled snow day. But those things don’t appear by magic. It’s mom.

Working mom coach Sara Madera shares the importance of defining company values.

You Are Working Hard. Is Your Company?

More moms are doing the work to connect their values and their tasks list, but we are still living through the impact of the Great Exhaustion  (as I recently heard it called) – with talent retainment and acquisition the biggest challenge facing organizations – and the quiet quitting phenomenon making it seem like employees are not yet getting what they need.

It makes me wonder- what are companies doing to deal with these topics to better support, engage and retain their employees?

As a new school year begins, my husband and I are reflecting on gender equality at home.

For this Back-To-School Season, I’m Bringing My Family Forward

Now that we have landed back in the US after years of living overseas and are preparing for this new school year, my husband and I have re-started conversations a lá our early married days, taking our learnings before kids, after kids, and overseas to divvy up child and home responsibilities.

Career coach Sara Madera with her family

My Transition As The Parent Of A Trans-Child

As my daughter increasingly sought to wear her brother’s clothes and began talking about wanting to change her name, we had to acknowledge that maybe there was something more going on.