How Simplifying & Decluttering Your Life Can Make You Happier

We are so lucky to live in a time that there is a solution available for nearly every problem. Need help opening a jar? Juicing a lemon? The availability of products at our fingertips is astronomical.

And while many of these products are great and do solve a need, it’s often something we only need only once a year for a few minutes at most. The rest of the time it’s just creating clutter — because what do you do with it the other days of the year?

But, worse than the clutter, we aren’t giving our minds the opportunity to solve this problem ourselves! How amazing does it feel to figure out how to make dinner with the items you have in your refrigerator? Or create a craft with your kids out of leftover materials (i.e., trash)? The excitement and pride we feel lasts much longer than the pleasure we get from buying something new.

For moms, all of the products in the world won’t ease the physical and mental mind crunch they face every day.

Here’s how can we simplify and focus on what’s important, so we can we let go of all the clutter and excess and find true happiness.