Rest. Recharge… What’s Next?

This month has been full of excitement and merry-making, following much planning and memory-making by you (because moms make the magic). Hopefully there is a tiny respite to relax before the next big push of New Year’s Eve/Day, launching us into 2024.

…and then what?

It’s a new year with all the pressure of resolutions, new leaves, and fresh starts! Which can be great – or it can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you are coming from a place of exhaustion (even if it was joy-filled).

Here are three tips to consider for goal setting that will set you up for 2024, but won’t take a lot of time.

#1 Move Towards, Not Away
Rather than think about what you don’t want, consider what you do want and articulate that, because that will move you closer to where you are going. Find what makes you excited, rather than focusing on the frustrations.

#2 How do you want to end 2024?
This could be a situation (a new job or a baby), a location (on a beach or a new house), or a feeling (calm, peaceful, happy), or all three.

#3 Identify Key Resources
What do you need to get you there? Support? Accountability? Training or learning? More time? Energy? Focus?

Try out these questions to get you New Year’s ready in a cinch. They are quick, powerful, and can be answered on a walk, while sitting at a couple of traffic lights, or while putting on your make-up (or PJs) for the big night.

Starting with these questions will set you up to walk into a great 2024, but if they created more questions than answers, maybe it’s worth it to figure out what you want and how to get there. Sign up here for a free 30-minute session to see how I can help.