Trying Something New

Often, I suggest to you (and myself) to look at the big picture – how do you want to look back on your life, what are your priorities, where are you spending your time across a week or month and does that look balanced?

But in this back-to-school month of September with many work-related calls, workshops, and events on top of the back-to-school nights, class parent trainings, after-school activities, travel and more – the big picture of my full calendar at both home and work felt overwhelming. I was exhausted and dreading my day.

Interestingly, when I clicked through each block on my calendar and thought about them individually, I was excited for each item on its own: A workshop with incredibly engaged participants (which offered me amazing take-aways too!); fantastic conversations with clients who have now found the career that lights them up; and great speaking opportunities at local libraries.  I also couldn’t wait to meet my kids’ teachers and hear what the year had in store for them, meet the other class parents, and even fit in a little weekday get-away to visit friends in the city.

I found that focusing in on each of these moments would make me smile, which allowed me to breath and relax rather than white-knuckle my way through long days. I felt the joy in each element, present in the moment, and inspired for the next. It shifted my perspective from overwhelmed to grateful for the abundance of this month.

And sure, a moment of reflection can often allow for feelings of thankfulness, but what intrigued me about this experience was trying a new approach – small picture rather than big picture – and how this offered me a way through this full month that didn’t involving stress, anxiety or beating myself up.

It can be easy to apply the same answer to a problem again and again. But there are different seasons which allow for (or ask for) a re-evaluation. Maybe the old way isn’t working, or the process no longer quite fits, or perhaps there is more potential in trying a new approach.

If your kids are entering a new stage, or you are changing job or careers, or facing a transition like moving or going back to work, could this be the opportunity to try something new? In what wonderful ways could your life be impacted? Would things be better?

You won’t know until you try.

If you’d to embark on change in your life and aren’t sure where to start, reach out. A free 30 minute call might offer you a new take on an old situation.