Working mom coach Sara Madera.

How to Find Your Support Network

We all need family and friends in our life to help support us – and having a strong support network is a key ingredient for personal and professional success.

Working mom coach Sara Madera with her family.

How to Manage Mom Guilt

Between my own hard learned experiences, research trends and supporting clients, I’ve discovered that it takes a bit more thought for moms returning to work. Whether it’s the transition itself, or because a mom is depressed about going back to work after maternity leave, or conflicted about returning to her role, or because she’s worried about how to get a job after being a stay-at-home mom for 20 years, it’s not as simple as ‘go to work and collect a paycheck.’

Moving Again?

How to move your career with success.

Motherhood And Ambition

As my children have grown older, I’ve realized that the challenge of being a working mother isn’t the voluminous tasks, but the existential struggle between motherhood and my ambition for my career.

How To Make BIG Decisions

To find the answers to big decisions, there are two options: stillness or movement. Somehow the duality of these, provide the insight and the clarity when lists and logic aren’t enough.

Career coach Sara Madera shares the importance of defining company values.

January is Not for Goal Setting

As the new year starts and we slowly move toward equilibrium with better choices and movement, why not use January to rest, relax, and recover? We deserve it after a long year of coming out of the pandemic, possibly working from the office, and re-starting family holiday traditions, especially if you are a mom who creates the magic. The year is long and there is no rule that says goals or resolutions need to be set or start on day one.

Forbes article featuring New York City area based career coach Sara Madera

Customizable Caregiving: The Innovative 2023 Workplace Trend

With data acknowledging problems companies experience when women leave the workplace, more companies have started prioritizing their needs. As a result, they are finding ways to provide every working parent (especially mothers) with the support they need.