Finding Context

We live in a world where information is readily available, yet it’s impossible to know everything when making a decision. We can read all of… Read More »Finding Context

Sara Madera, a working mom coach, with her family in Mexico

The Choice to be Resilient

A day before we were set to meet up with family on a beautiful Caribbean island our COVID tests came back positive, hindering our ability to travel. After a day or 2 of shock, we realized that we needed to re-envision fun for our family.

Three Tips for Setting Goals

At the beginning of the year many of us think about the goals we want to achieve, whether it’s losing weight, meditating every day or getting a promotion, but it’s easy to get frustrated or distracted along the way.


Are you asking for gratitude – or are you looking for opportunities to be grateful?

Expectations of Motherhood

While leading organizations globally as a working mom, Sara Madera became a certified executive coach after realizing personal development was the favourite part of her job. A naturally good listener and a mother of two, Sara focuses on helping women redefine for themselves what it means to be a successful working mother – and making that vision a reality.

Changing Tides

For our 11th wedding anniversary my husband gave me a frame with the keys from our various apartments over the years. In a total of 17 years together we’ve lived in 11 apartments in 9 cities, back and forth from Asia and around the US.