Is Work Getting You Down?

Keeping up with work, kids, friends and life are more than enough on their own. So what do you do when you have work drama, knocking your carefully timed life out of balance?

Maybe it’s not actual time, but mental space and energy that work is sapping from you, robbing your family and friends of your fully present self. How can you find your way back to equilibrium? Take a deep breath, then read on for these tips to address the problem!

A looming deadline
Projects with a strict timeline can be stressful! Can you take a moment to remember why you are working on this? Did your boss assign it to you because they thought you would be an awesome fit? Was it your idea and you are seeing it to fruition? Did you take it on for a promotion? Now think about how great it will feel when it’s done—the relief, the gratitude from your team, the smiles when the accolades come in. Use those good feelings to propel you to make a schedule for getting it done. Sometimes it may require those extra hours, but hopefully with the timing laid out, you can be present with the kids when you are with them.

A difficult conversation with your boss
Tough topics with someone, whether your boss or an employee are nearly always worse in anticipation than in reality. Going into the meeting, can you think of how you can be curious? Whether it’s about their behavior or thought process, asking questions will make you clearer on the obstacles standing in your way.

A terrorizing co-worker
In this situation, it’s easy to feel powerless! But you do have power—over yourself. The co-worker may have some unidentified unmet needs that have nothing to do with you. While you have no obligation to meet them, it is interesting to consider how their need in control might be an unmet need for safety, or the constant need to make everything about themselves is an unmet need for belonging. With this mindset, is it easier to deal with them? Is it possible to find ways that help them feel heard and safe or let them know their importance place on the team is recognized?

Naturally, the clearer you can be about what you want, the easier it is to have a positive outcome! If you’d like to talk more about your goals and getting clear on what you want, sign up for a free 30 minute session.