Align to reclaim

Morning Motherhood Retreat

Does it ever feel like a struggle to manage yourself, your family and your career?

 Are you looking for more joy in your life?

 Do you want decisions and success across your life to be easier?

Align to Reclaim

At this morning event, let our three collaborative coaches begin the morning by taking care of you, providing you with breakfast in a beautiful, safe space. Our program will teach you to connect with yourself, your values, and needs – as your own person – separate from the needs of your family.

Each coach will offer guidance on tapping into internal cues to direct your career, your family dynamics, and help you find new connection with food and movement. We will break for optional moments of yoga and meditation.

Mom with cup of coffee and child in the background

At the end of this 2.5-hour retreat, leave having learned…

  • How to prioritize and advocate for yourself without feeling guilty
  • How to support your career from a strengths-based approach
  • How Intuitive Eating focuses on attunement and finding satisfaction in eating and movement
  • A daily practice to connect deeply with yourself so you can be more present and productive in all aspects of life

Our Morning Agenda

9:30 AM Breakfast and Networking

10:00 AM Meet our Panel of Experts and Connect with Your Intuition

10:30 AM Use Your Intuition Lead Your Family (led by Roma Bajaj Kohli)

10:50 AM Break for Yoga

10:55 AM Using Internal Exploration in Your Career (led by Sara Madera)

11:15 AM Break for Meditation

11:20 AM Finding satisfaction in food and movement through Intuitive Eating (led by Leemor Ellman)

11:45 AM Wrap Up and Networking

Join us on April 26 to Reclaim yourself

Align yourself, your career and your family, so you can move forward

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Leemor Ellman

Leemor Ellman

As a certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Leemor will help you understand how to feed yourselves and your children in a way that doesn’t feel restrictive or UNenjoyable. 

Learn to feel your fullness, honor your hunger and find satisfaction in food.  Find out how to teach your kids these concepts. Explore the basic tenets of Intuitive Eating, and UNlearn the harms that diet culture can bring for you and your whole family.

Roma Kohli, mindset and self confidence coach

Roma Bajaj Kohli

As an ICF-certified Mindset and Self-Confidence Coach specializing in families of ethnic descent, Roma assists high-achieving families who consistently grapple with feelings of being misfits and not being ‘enough.’

Her mission is to help them discover their sense of self, feel truly adequate, and anchor themselves in their self-worth. She’s also a co-author of an Amazon bestseller ‘Women who Boss Up’. 

Sara Madera, working mom coach

Sara Madera

After leading organizations and departments across the globe, Sara became a career coach after realizing the favorite part of every job was helping her team realize their goals. A naturally good listener and mother of 2, she is a career coach for working women, helping them thrive at work and at home, while still finding time for themselves.

An ICC and ICF accredited coach, she’s been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, and Business Insider, among others publications. 

Reclaim Yourself